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Sign up for the New SB Nation College Basketball FanPulse

And make Gonzaga proud.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at St. Mary’s D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

If you peruse a lot of other SB Nation sites, you might notice some cool little top 25 things happening as voted on by community members of various team sites.

It was all well and good, but since Gonzaga doesn’t have a football team, well, we weren’t invited to the party.

Now we are! SBN’s FanPulse is extending to college basketball. At the moment, it isn’t including a top 25, presumably because they are cowards and afraid of Gonzaga being fan voted to No. 1. Rather, there will be polls related to college basketball, presumably, some that will allow us to vote Gonzaga obscenely high.

Does that sound interesting? Sign up here! It is just a weekly email. Without having seen your email inbox, I guarantee you get more useless spam messages every day than this one.

So help give Gonzaga a voice in the national conversation and utilize the power of the internet for something good, instead of horrible horrible things. Sign up today!