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2018-19 Player Preview: Jack Beach

Meet the longest tenured member of the bench crew.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Boise Practice Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Beach is a name you won’t hear too often throughout this season, and generally speaking, it is a name that won’t be called until the very end of the game. Still, the red shirt junior guard is a very important member of the squad.

Beach is a member of the bench crew, and he sees most of his minutes during practice, playing the vital role of the “red team,” the group of players responsible for mimicking upcoming opponents during the week. Beach is also one of the longest tenured members of this important squad, and will be one of the key, unsung, aspects of the Bulldogs’ preparedness throughout the season.

Hopefully, we will get to see a bit of the San Diego product, and hopefully, Beach can knock down a jumper or two. He bumped up to 15 appearances last season, but his only points came from the free throw line. He appeared for 39 minutes last season, and that number will most likely rise with the discrepancy of talent in the WCC this year.

Beach has scored four total points over his collegiate career, and there is no reason to think that number won’t rise this season. It is a grind as a member of the bench crew, and seniority goes a long way in getting the nod during the closing minutes of the game. Beach has put in the work, and now it is his time to shine.