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Joel Ayayi invited to France’s first Euro U18 training camp

The redshirt freshman has been a fixture for the French team.

Gonzaga Bulldogs guard Joel Ayayi has been chosen as one of 17 players to participate in first Euro U18 training camp for Team France to play in the European Championships on July 18-August 5.

Team France will make two cuts, first reducing the training camp to 14 players before finally choosing the final 12 players for the roster. Ayayi is widely expected to make the team, especially after his success in the U16 tournament.

For Gonzaga fans, it will be an opportunity to finally get a look at the skills of Ayayi. The 6’5 guard redshirted his freshman year, which wasn’t too much of a surprise considering his raw talents. While little is known about his actual play, scouts have said he is lightning quick, but also had to rely on his athleticism often times to put it all together. Most likely, after a redshirt year at Gonzaga, that is no longer the case.

Most importantly, it will be quality experience for Ayayi to prepare him for next year. With the departure of Jesse Wade, the backcourt is one man thinner. Senior point guard Josh Perkins played a majority of the minutes without a true backup, and it would be nice to see if Ayayi will be able to spell some time for Perkins.