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The Tournament 2018: Matt Bouldin free throws secure first round win over Team Utah

We got A Few Good Men against the Gael Force tomorrow.


Robert Upshaw had a huge block which led to Matt Bouldin knocking down two free throws to send A Few Good Men over Team Utah, 84-83. A Few Good Men will take on the mostly Saint Mary’s alumni squad Gael Force.

It was a back and forth game that saw AFGM trying to catch up for much of the first half. Casey Calvary started the game injured, and Sam Dower rapidly picked up early fouls, leaving the Zags with only Robert Upshaw to defend the paint.

A Few Good Men kept with it though, ending halftime tied 40-40, and then slowly lurching out to a second half lead. Team Utah slowly chipped away, and with roughly four minutes remaining, the game went into Elam Ending mode. The Elam ending is designed to eliminate the hack-a-Shaq line of thinking. Within the final four minutes of the game (first dead ball there), whoever makes it to the leading team’s score plus seven wins the game.

That made for some extra dynamic play here, because AFGM and Team Utah entered their Elam Ending tied at 74-74. Team Utah took the lead, and at one point, if the Zags hit a three, they would win the game, and if Team Utah scored ONE point, the Utes took it home.

Big time heroics by Upshaw helped secure the win.

Matt Bouldin hit two free throws, and AFGM plays another day.

Either way, they are going to need to play a bit better to beat a Gael Force squad that is a who’s who of St. Mary’s alums. AFGM only have practiced once as a squad prior to tonight, so hopefully, they can get in a few more gym sessions tomorrow morning.

It isn’t the prettiest of basketball to watch, but The Tournament is some damn fine television. It was great to see the old guard of Matt Bouldin and Steven Gray, as well as watching Sam Dower do his best Sam Perkins impression.

Most of all, it is college basketball (sort of) in the middle of the summer when nothing else remotely close is going on. Greg Heister and Dan Dickau on the mic? Feels just like the dreary nights of Fall.