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The Tournament kicks off tomorrow

Here is how you can watch.

Gonzaga v Florida State Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

One of the greatest things to happen to college basketball came from outside of college basketball. The Tournament, a five-on-five, winner takes all tournament featuring college alums from all over the nation is here to hold us over until the Fall.

This year, the mostly Gonzaga-centric A Few Good Men are in the field again, and they will be trying to go for glory as a No. 6 seed. A new and exciting twist happening for the first time means A Few Good Men will be playing their first two games (if they make it that far) in front of a home crowd at Spokane Hoopfest.

We brought y’all up to speed with who is who on this squad, and tomorrow, we will finally get to watch it all happen. Tomorrow, the Hoopfest Pod gets up and going, and there is a delightfully delicious second-round matchup waiting to happen.

Friday, June 29

  • No. 3 Gael Force vs. No. 14 Air Force Bomb Squad, 5:00 pm, ESPN3
  • No. 6 A Few Good Men vs. No. 11 Team Utah, 7:00 pm, ESPN3

Saturday, June 30

  • Winners of Friday’s games, 7:30 pm, ESPN3