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SMC Looms and the Gonzaga Men are Ready

*Spoiler Alert* We Swear a LOT in This One

NCAA Basketball: San Diego at Gonzaga
A Man on a Mission (No, not one of THOSE missions)
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s getting toward the time of year where you need to execute down the stretch. Can you perform in the clutch moments? Can you hit the big shot?

So just to make sure your friends at Free Ira Brown didn’t choke in the important moments, we brought in Patreon patron extraordinaire David Jenne to dish out some assists and make sure we have you, dear FIBber, covered properly.

That’s right, Free Ira Brown is back with some help! And in our latest episode our heroes (and our +1) go over Gonzaga’s ability to come up big late in games in a pair of wins over San Diego and BYU (finally!). Defensive intensity, offensive execution, Zach Norvell auditioning for Daredevil (The Man Without Fear…of taking big shots down the stretch no matter how you’ve been shooting before hand); we break it all down.

Those stories, plus Chris has some important questions which need answering, we ask if Pacific is a trap game, make sure you know Jill Barta is really good at basketball and find out some interesting facts about Randy Bennet.

And finally, we finish with a Top 3 that had Hollywood executives kicking themselves.

All that and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come prepare yourself properly, won’t you?