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An Admiral? In the Desert?

Gonzaga Suffers its First Loss of the Season

Hunter Killer Cast Visit To Naval Submarine Base New London
Sorry, Wrong Admiral
Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Lionsgate

As I left my house to go to work Wednesday morning, I discovered someone had broken into my car.

Nothing too significant or meaningful stolen -- an old pair of sunglasses, some blue-tooth head phones, etc. Obnoxious, not really life-altering (that I can tell).

As I was pilfering through the mess that was the interior of my car, I noticed there was no broken glass. I walked around the car and noticed the locks didn’t appear – to the naked eye, at least – to be damaged. Which likely means I simply forgot to lock the doors, and someone took advantage of my oversight.

As I sat half kicking myself, half angry at the perpetrator, I realized something: this was partially my own doing, partially someone else’s doing. It was at least somewhat my own mistake(s) leading to the frustrating result. I felt crummy because things went poorly but also a bit relieved things weren’t worse. Hey, this sounds exactly like Gonzaga’s last two games!

And frankly, dear FIBbers, this sounds exactly like most of the Free Ira Brown podcasts!

Such it is in our latest episode, where our heroes battle our own technological shortcomings to take you back to the way-too-close-for-comfort win over Washington and the woulda-shoulda-coulda loss to Tennessee.

Those stories, plus we check in with the news, Chris gets mad at his DVR and we take a look ahead to the biggest true-road game in quite some time, our trip ahead to Chapel Hill and Saturday’s matchup with North Carolina.

And finally, we decorate the tree that is the episode with some ornamental discussion.

All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us in making sure you hear the beep before assuming your car doors are locked, won’t you?