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College Basketball Odds: Gonzaga opens season as a good championship bet

The fourth-best odds to be exact.

Aerial Views Of Las Vegas Casinos Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Gonzaga Bulldogs opened the season as the No. 3 ranked team in the country. A few of the insanely too early brackets have the Zags as a No. 1 seed. Talks of Final Four and championships are abound!

Today, according to Bovada, the Zags have the fourth-best odds to win the national championship at 17:2. They sit behind Nevada, at 8:1, and Duke and Kentucky, at 5:1.

These high odds are to be expected, and are in line with the rest of the chatter about the Zags. Although the odds literally don’t speak to much of anything, it is interesting to see how the gamblers are siding with our little team from Spokane.

Also, queue up the angry list of people who are upset that Gonzaga has better odds than their school (I see you Kansas at 19:2 and North Carolina at 15:1).

The Bulldogs open the season on Tuesday, Nov. 6, against Idaho State. Click here to read our preview of the game.