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Gonzaga women’s basketball 2018-19 season preview

All the coverage fit to type.

NCAA Womens Basketball: West Coast Conference Tournament-Gonzaga vs San Diego Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time that the Gonzaga women’s basketball team was becoming synonymous with the success of their male counterparts.

Starting in 2009, they made seven-straight NCAA Tournament, four Sweet 16s, and one Elite Eight. Everything was looking up. Since then, there have been some stumbles, however.

The Zags have made the NCAA Tournament for the past two years, but they haven’t won a single postseason game since 2015. This year, led by Laura Stockton, Zykera Rice, and Chandler Smith, the women are primed to cause a little bit of damage in March.

To prep for the upcoming season, we did everything we could think of doing.

We took a stab at guessing the starting five (hopefully, we get it right).

We took a gander at the non-conference schedule, which contains a couple of schmucky teams by the name of Notre Dame and Stanford.

We paid a look at the bottom of the WCC, and gave some love to the teams that will threaten the Zags at the top.

We pondered if the women have enough firepower from outside to make it all count this season.

Ultimately, however, we believe the Zags are going to finish right where they belong—kicking ass and taking names in the NCAA Tournament.