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Geno Crandall is a Zag

The graduate transfer from North Dakota is ready and roaring to go.

NCAA Basketball: North Dakota at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The final piece of the puzzle is finally here. According to Jim Meehan with The Spokesman Review, graduate transfer Geno Crandall has completed his coursework and is now a member of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. As of Saturday, the Zags officially list Crandall on the roster.

The Crandall situation was as complicated as they come for all parties involved. He announced his attention to transfer to Gonzaga before his degree was completed, not that odd of a task. Crandall, however, was unable to complete whatever summer work was required for his degree (a reported 19!!! credits). The Zags removed him from the roster sheet in late August.

On a podcast, Crandall revealed his plan, which was to enroll in Gonzaga’s second session of its graduate program, which begins on Oct. 23.

Crandall averaged 16.6 points per game for North Dakota last season, while shooting 41 percent from long range. If you want to pick one slight hole on this roster (no shade intended for Josh Perkins), it was the depth at the guard position. Crandall’s true arrival pretty much silences any questions there, hopefully.

It is still going to be an uphill battle for Crandall. He has missed out on practice time because of this delay, and the Zags first game is in one month. That is a lot of offensive and defensive sets to learn in a short period of time. The meat of the Zags’ schedule begins the week of Thanksgiving for the Maui Invitational.