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FBI bribery scandal rocks college basketball world

The biggest NCAA hoop story of our lifetimes began today.

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Department of Justice released information today that the FBI is investigating college coaches, managers, and basically everyone involved in the recruiting world about a vast corruption case. College basketball hasn’t even started and this is already the biggest story of the year.

SB Nation has a clear cut look at what is going on here, but basically, college basketball coaches are accused of taking bribes in exchange for sending players to certain agents. If you are like a lot of people and are thinking, recruiting is a shady world, this doesn’t seem like much of a surprise, this news shouldn’t shock you.

What is shocking is how the case is being formulated by the FBI, who opened a tip-line for people to turn themselves in. Already, coaches from Oklahoma State, Auburn, and Arizona have been charged in the corruption scandal. Documents also point clearly to Miami and Louisville involvement as well.

The investigation is ongoing, but some of the evidence is already pretty damning, and it will only get worse/more widespread from here on out. Seemingly, this morning -- no one is safe.

For Gonzaga, and our supposedly squeaky clean recruiting profile, this doesn’t seem like much to worry about. Many of the caliber of players involved here don’t seem to be the players Gonzaga had any legitimate hope on, or even pursued. However, crazier things have happened, and if anything, this is a story that is going to severely alter the playing field in the near future if NCAA punishment comes down. In other words, stay tuned on this slow news day.

Update: a statement of Gonzaga’s athletic director on the matter: