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Gonzaga’s 2019 recruiting class is already looking good

And a good chance it only gets better from here.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Gonzaga vs North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

There is, how to put this, been a little bit of dissatisfaction with the state of the Gonzaga Bulldog’s recruiting affairs as of late. Whether or not this is a bit of exaggerated expectations, or possibly rooted in some truth, it has been an interesting focal point coming from a school that just literally had its best season ever.

So, here is some good news on the recruiting front. Gonzaga’s class of 2019 is already really good, and it is going to get even better.

The Zags have inked two players for the class of 2019, and neither of the players were particularly flashy. Anton Watson is a winger literally hopping the fence in Gonzaga’s backyard to arrive, coming all the way from Gonzaga Prep, in Spokane. His signing was shortly followed by Brock Ravet, a slick point guard out of Kittitas, Washington, who can shoot the living lights out of the ball.

When news of both of their signings came out, the fanbase was collectively, shall we say, a bit subdued. Well, let me get you a bit excited then. recently released their updated class of 2019 top 100 rankings, and the Zags have two recruits in those rankings, more than any other school at the moment. Watson comes in as the No. 66 player in the country, and Ravet enters as the No. 79 player in the country. Both are rated as four-star recruits, and they are the second and third-best players in the state, respectively.

Recruiting is a tricky dance, usually requiring more than two people. Mark Few and the coaching staff have been adamant in the past about their process. The best player is never the person arriving at Gonzaga, it is always the player that will best fit in Gonzaga.

Although it seems the Zags have struck out lately with David Singleton attending UCLA, Taeshon Cherry attending USC, and Brandon Williams attending Arizona, the recruiting situation has hardly been the cesspool that many people make it out to be. Gonzaga still has open offers on four top-100 players in the 2018 class: guards Andrew Nembhard and Will RIchardson, and forwards Jordan Brown and Kamaka Hepa.

And the hard work continues in the class of 2019. The Zags were early offers on both Isaac Johnson and Matthew Van Komen out of Utah, and hopped into the recruitment of Cassisus Stanley early as well. All three players are ranked in the top 100 of’s recent rankings, with Van Komen coming in the lowest at No. 55.

All of this goes to say, that this entire time, many of us have trusted the process of the coaching staff. Since “trust the process” only has incredibly negative connotations now, I think it is more fair to say we have all trusted the approach of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. It has been a long climb from wearing a slipper to where they are now. With the title appearance under the belt, it will be interesting to see where Gonzaga goes from now, and how they are able to build their legacy.