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Someone named Alex Martin materialized out of thin air and is now on the roster

Wait what?

Was just scanning through the good ‘ol the other day when all of a sudden, wait what in the world is going on here?!

No press releases. No news. No nothing. But it looks like the Zags have a new walk on.

Martin began his collegiate career for one year with the Belmont Bruins. He redshirted his freshman year, and then transferred to Johnson County Community College, where he averaged 4.2 points per game in 12 minutes of play.

He is a native of Kansas, and received his team defense award. Most importantly, he led Blue Valley High School in charges as a senior (hopefully in taking charges, not delivering them). He has good size at the guard position, coming in at 6’5 and weighing 205 pounds. All in all, Martin sounds like a hard-nosed defender who will be a good body in practices all year long.

As we wrote about earlier in the year, their were a lot of things that went into making last year’s team so successful. One of the most underrated aspects of a squad, the least glamorous of them all, are Gonzaga’s “Red Team.” The Red Team consists of those end of the bench players making up the practice squad. They are the players who simulate the upcoming opponents, and allow the rest of the team to be ready each and every game.

Gonzaga’s “Red Team” took a bit of a beating this offseason. Ryan Edwards, Bryan Alberts, Dustin Triano, and Rem Bakamus all left either via graduation or transfer. That pretty much left Jeremy Jones, Jack Beach, and to a certain extent Rui Hachimura left to pick up the pieces.

So it may not seem that big on the outside, but on the inside, this is an important piece to a puzzle that has seen a great deal more churn than we are usually see. Welcome to the squad Alex!