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Deontae Hawkins transfer: Big man looking at Gonzaga and New Mexico

Gonzaga has struck out on transfers so far this offseason.

Diamond Head Classic - Tulsa v Illinois Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

A lot of schools created lasting success through the transfer market, and Gonzaga is one of the schools that has used graduate transfers to great success. From Byron Wesley to Jordan Mathews, Gonzaga has plugged holes in the roster for one year of providing players one of the best spots to play in college basketball.

This year, despite a whole TON of open spots on the roster, the Zags have struck out. Today, it is time to add another name to track, courtesy of Jon Rothstein.

This is an interesting tweet for a few reasons: 1) this is exactly the player the Zags need; and 2) Hawkins committed to Boston College in late June.

Hawkins is a 6’9, 220 pound bruiser of a forward. He averaged 14 points and 6.5 rebounds whole shooting 47 percent from the floor and 44 percent from long range. He is basically a Johnathan Williams double, but for a Gonzaga team which is thin in the frontcourt any help is appreciated.

New Mexico is in a bit of a lull at the moment, but there is also room on the squad for Hawkins to find a starting role—and that is an important piece of information here. It isn’t often you see players transferring for their final year of basketball to be the first man off the bench, and presumably, if Hawkins arrived at GU, that is what he would do.

Still, it is worth keeping an eye on this situation. Gonzaga could definitely use the help up front, even if Hawkins game is a bit redundant. It is never bad to have too much of a good thing, and to secure 20-30 minutes of play from a stellar transfer would be just the shot of adrenaline this squad (and fanbase) needs from this offseason.