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The Tournament: How to watch A Few Good Men online

The Zags alum take the court this afternoon.

2004 NCAA 2nd Round: Nevada v Gonzaga Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The No. 2 A Few Good Men will take the court against No. 15 Mostly Sports Delco for their first game of the 2017 edition of The Tournament.

With $2 million on the line this season, the stakes are extra high, and therefore the exposure is larger. All games are streaming on WatchESPN this year, with games in the later rounds actually landing on television.

We clued y’all into the roster here, and there already is a storyline for the Zag alums in the making. Assuming Gonzaga wins today (which by all accounts they should), they have a potential second-round matchup against Team Utah. Team Utah, if you remember, is the squad that axed A Few Good Men out of The Tournament last season.

But why so bold Peter, you might ask. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, you might say. Well...Mostly Sports Delco is a squad named after a podcast, and taking a look at their squad, this would be the biggest Gonzaga-related upset in school history.

Get ready for some Saturday and Sunday basketball folks. It should be fun.

Saturday, July 15

Sunday, July 16