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Gonzaga alumni team makes The Tournament cut

Get ready to cheer on A Few Good Men this summer.

North Carolina Tar Heels v Gonzaga Bulldogs Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Fear not friends, Gonzaga basketball is right around the corner, this time in the form of The Tournament. A Few Good Men, a team featuring a few of our favorite Gonzaga alums, has been accepted into the round of 64.

Unfortunately, tickets for the 5-of-5, single elimination tournament, are in Las Vegas for the West Region. And going to Las Vegas in the peak of July is like shooting yourself into the sun without sunscreen.

Luckily, all of the games are going to be broadcast on WatchESPN, so there will be GAMETHREADS this summer.

A Few Good Men features some of our favorite Gonzaga alums:

  • The original UW transfer: Dan Dickau
  • The Bainbridge Island Bomber: Steven Gray
  • All Forever Glue Guy MVP: Mike Hart
  • Somehow one of the more underappreciated guards in Zags history: Blake Stepp
  • Dunks, dunks, and more dunks: Jeremy Pargo

They are joined by a few non-Gonzaga alums, including:

  • Leo Lyons, University of Missouri
  • Kamari Murphy, Miami University
  • Kevin Palmer, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  • Jannero Pargo, University of Arkansas
  • Malcolm Thomas, San Diego State University

The West Regionals take place on July 15-16, with teams advancing to the Super 16 on July 20. The Tournament is rapidly becoming one of the best things about summer. So put it on the calendar.