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Kyle Wiltjer says Gonzaga has the best fanbase in the country, even over Kentucky

Sorry Big Blue Nation.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Gonzaga v Utah Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Kyle Wiltjer just won some stock with the Gonzaga Bulldogs crowd, but he is probably catching a bit of flack from his Kentucky fans. He recently went on Darnay Tripp’s podcast to discuss fandom, and came to the conclusion that the Zags have the best fanbase in the world.

We here at The Slipper Still Fits would have to agree.

The interesting thing about Wiltjer’s thoughts comes from the fact that he is also referring to the Zags from the fan perspective. Wiltjer was at the Final Four and national title game this year, and that was the event that solidified it for him.

This last year when I went to the Final Four, really showed me that, man, Gonzaga is like, in my opinion, the best fan base in the country, and I'm not exaggerating at all. The amount of love that they showed me, Domas (Sabonis) and seeing the support down there at the Final Four, it was pretty unbelievable. And to see that, it really shows a lot to the city, and the city should be proud of that because it was crazy.

Granted, Wiltjer did play on a national championship winning team in Kentucky. Tripp asked Wiltjer about it, and his response was that coming to Gonzaga was crazier.

Much of this makes sense as well. You can only truly realize the full potential of the fever that grips Spokane in the winter by going to The Kennel. Sure, Kentucky and Big Blue Nation have a lot of fans, a lot of famous fans, and a lot of history to go with their success. But Spokane has Gonzaga, and Wiltjer, who was on both sides of the fence, realizes how unique of an environment it is in the college landscape.