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GU Grinds Out a Trip to the Elite 8

Emergency Celebration Pod!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional-Gonzaga vs West Virginia Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You guys chat amongst yourselves. We’ll give you a topic. Jordan Mathews hit a big-time shot and we have a shot at the Final 4.



After that game, dear FIBbers, we couldn’t help but have an emergency pod. Sorry, that’s wrong. An Elite-level pod.

And in this emergency episode, our heroes go over the dramatic, heart-wrenching, soul-grabbing, breath-stealing Sweet 16 win over West Virginia. And, of course that’s where we are, now. The Elite 8. Facing Bill Murray and Xavier. Catholics vs. Catholics. Jesuits vs…Jesuits? Is Xavier Jesuit? I’m too lazy to find out. The point is, this is last obstacle. The last door we need to kick down before getting to our first Final 4.

Before then, this, of course, was not the most comfortable of wins. But at this point, who cares? It’s never easy at this point, every game is a battle, every possession crucial. And at the end, we have a chance to go to the Final 4. You simply can’t ask for much more than that. Just give yourselves a chance.

So we have an emergency Elite-level pod, and we look forward to the Elite 8 matchup with Xavier. How’s your breath? You caught it yet? You may not have time before Saturday And no one would blame you.

In the meantime, come, hang with Free Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. We can’t hit 3s like Jordan Mathews, but we can sure talk about it!