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2017 NCAA Tournament: Jay Williams thinks we should act like we’ve been here before

Just a quick reminder that no matter what Gonzaga does, they are never doing it right.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Gonzaga vs Northwestern Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Zags are in the Sweet 16 again. They defeated Northwestern in an absolutely wild game. The game was Mark Few’s 500th win. Afterwards, like every team in the nation, the Zags celebrated in the locker room. Because, you know, that is what you do after incredible emotional wins. You celebrate.

Not if you are Jay Williams however. The trash commentator decided to make a trash take, because hey #relevancy.

And what followed was a whole lot of “act like you have been there before” comments from the general masses. This tweet perfectly encapsulates Gonzaga in a nutshell. This team can never do anything right. All they will ever do is everything wrong to the rest of the nation.

Never mind the fact that these COLLEGE KIDS, many of who are playing in the biggest game of their lives each time they win, just battled a roller coaster of a game. Never mind the fact that these COLLEGE KIDS want to celebrate a milestone win with their coach. Never mind the fact that these COLLEGE KIDS are doing all of this for free for the love of the game. Never mind the fact that these COLLEGE KIDS are doing what kids do best, enjoying the ride.

Because they are Gonzaga players, they aren’t allowed any of that. At least in the mind of Jay Williams and a good chunk of the nation. Gonzaga will never do anything right, and that is just how life is. Welcome to our new reality.