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2017 NCAA Tournament First Round: Game times, TV schedules, and online streaming options

The most important game is on at 11:00 am PT obviously.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Salt Lake City Practice Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We are finally here. After months and months of twiddling our thumbs waiting for the magic to start, the NCAA Tournament begins its first round of play on Thursday. Most importantly, the Gonzaga Bulldogs begin their first round of play on Thursday.

Make sure to take an extra long lunch, because the Zags will take the court just in time for such shenanigans. Or better yet, just take the whole day off. While you are at it, take all of Friday off too. Your work might not be to happy with it, but it might be the best decision you make all year.

All games listed below are in PT, and all games can be streamed on or on the March Madness Live mobile app.

Thursday Games

No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Princeton, 9:15 am, CBS
No. 5 Virginia vs. No. 12 UNC Wilmington, 9:40 am, TruTV
No. 4 Butler vs. No. 13 Winthrop, 10:30 am, TNT
No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 16 South Dakota State, 11:00 am, TBS
No. 4 West Virginia vs. No. 13 Bucknell, 11:45 am, CBS
No. 4 Florida vs. No. 13 East Tennessee State, 12:10 pm, TruTV
No. 5 Minnesota vs. No. 12 Middle Tennessee, 1:00 pm, TNT
No. 8 Northwestern vs. No. 9 Vanderbilt, 1:30 pm, TBS
No. 6 Maryland vs. No. 11 Xavier, 3:50 pm, TNT
No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 16 Mount St. Mary’s, 4:10 pm, CBS
No. 7 Saint Mary’s vs. No. 10 VCU, 4:20 pm, TBS
No. 4 Purdue vs. No. 13 Vermont, 4:27, TruTV
No. 3 Florida State vs. No. 14 Florida Gulf Coast, 6:20 pm, TNT
No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. No. 9 Virginia Tech, 6:40 pm, CBS
No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 15 North Dakota, 6:50 pm, TBS
No. 5 Iowa State vs. No. 12 Nevada, 6:57 pm, TruTV

Friday Games

No. 7 Oklahoma vs. No. 10 Michigan State, 9:15 am, CBS
No. 3 Baylor vs. No. 14 New Mexico State, 9:40 am, TruTV
No. 8 Arkansas vs. No. 9 Seton Hall, 10:30 am, TNT
No. 3 Oregon vs. No. 14 Iona, 11:00 am, TBS
No. 2 Louisville vs. No. 15 Jacksonville State, 11:45 am, CBS
No. 6 SMU vs. No. 11 USC, 12:10 pm, TruTV
No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 16 Texas Southern, 1:00 pm, TNT
No. 6 Creighton vs. No. 11 Rhode Island, 1:30 pm, TBS
No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 16 UC Davis, 3:50 pm, TNT
No. 7 Dayton vs. No. 10 Wichita State, 4:10 pm, CBS
No. 2 Duke vs. No. 15 Troy, 4:20 pm, TBS
No. 6 Cincinnati vs. No. 11 Kansas State, 4:27 pm, TruTV
No. 8 Miami vs. No. 9 Michigan State, 6:20 pm, TNT
No. 2 Kentucky vs. No. 15 Northern Kentucky, 6:40 pm, CBS
No. 7 South Carolina vs. No. 10 Marquette, 6:50 pm, TBS
No. 3 UCLA vs. No. 14 Kent State, 6:57 pm, TruTV