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Cougars Prove to Be No Match for Zags In Provo: FIB Discusses!

Will They Remain Unbeaten After This Weekend’s Moraga Trip?

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

We waited as long as possible, held out as long as was reasonable, but in the end we just couldn’t put it off another day. Despite only being two-thirds whole, despite Adam potentially being on his death bed (#prayforadam), we soldiered forth to present to you, dear FIBbers, the newest installment of Free Ira Brown.

In our latest episode, our heroes (or two of them, anyway) look back on the victory at BYU, from Nigel’s brilliance to Mika’s quiet game to the wonderfully quaint and respectful BYU fans. We also deal with the scare that came with NWG missing the win over Santa Clara and grow even more enamored with this team’s depth and skill.

Those stories, plus we reveal some things you should know, check in with the GU women after a record-setting performance and discuss the fallout should the unthinkable happen this (or another upcoming) weekend.

Then, after a quick glance at LMU, we turn our attention to the long-awaited game of the weekend, the matchup in Moraga with THEM, the Sith Lords, the evil orcs, the O’Doyles of the WCC. What do we expect from a team desperate to put a legit big-win on their resume? What effect will Game Day being in Moraga have? What’s THEIR ceiling for an NCAA Tournament seed? We find a way to cram it all in.

And finally, we finish up with a Top 3 that’s a direct homage to the Super Bowl XLI champions.

All this and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come #prayforadam with us, won’t you?