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All Zags Do Is Win

Moraga’s Finest Prove No Match for the Gonzaga Onslaught

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at St. Mary's
Emmett Naar Poops Himself in a NCAA Men’s College Basketball Game
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Just remember: it won’t always be like this.

But amid all the uncertainty in the world, all the unrest and unease, it is nice to know occasionally things can still happen to make you feel just a little bit more whole. Some things just make sense. Some things are just…right.

Like, for example, a Huge Piece turnaround over that weird, wide-headed but overly small-faced Jock. Or a Jonathan Williams running hook. Or Emmett Naar getting tased just before he shoots.

Or just having Adam back at the helm as the Free Ira Brown crew celebrates Gonzaga’s latest comfy win over its supposed rival. That’s right dear FIBbers, we’re back, and in our latest episode, our heroes thoroughly enjoy all aspects of that delightful win. With the joy and schadenfreude you’ve come to expect, we look look back at Karnowski’s brilliance, Williams’ athleticism, Silas’ best game as a Bulldog, Naar having another stinker.

Those stories, plus we discuss whether we will be better off with a loss, take a look at the GU women’s big win, share a few things we think you should know and Marty regales us with the single scariest Creature Report ever to be reported.

And finally we end with a Top 3 sure to get you in just the right mood.

All this and more on this week’s episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. We don’t really need to ask you to join us, do we? Just remember: it won’t always be like this.