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The national media is all about Gonzaga now

All it took was a heavily hyped nationally broadcasted game on ESPN.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at St. Mary's Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Oh the power of ESPN’s College Gameday. For the better part of the season, we have been trumpeting the horn and sounding the alarms: these Gonzaga Bulldogs are actually a legit Final Four and national title threat.

Did many people listen? Not really. The fact of the matter is the east coast bias is a real thing, if only because a majority of Gonzaga’s games start later than most adults would wish to stay up on the east coast. It is one thing if you are a die-hard fan of the team, it is another thing if you work the eight to five. Staying up until 1:00 am just doesn’t sound too appealing.

So that is why it is important for ESPN College Gameday to happen in Moraga, pushing the start time of that game to a time when everyone could tune in. The national media did, and the Zags responded. So did the media.

Jay Bilas, who was calling the game, and has generally been a big fan of Gonzaga all season, had this to say:

Jeff Goodman with ESPN came around to see the light:

Seth Davis is completely on board:

Gary Parrish said what all of us have been thinking all season:

Andy Katz and Michael Decourcey beating the dead horse:

Ken Pomeroy plans on enrolling at the Olynyk Clinic:

Praise Jon Rothstein, praise!

Clark Kellogg is impressed by the size of the Zags’ jaws:

Welcome to the hype train y’all. The route lasts all the way into March and ends on April 3.