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NCAA Selection Show: Gonzaga a No. 1 seed (for now)

The NCAA says the Gonzaga Bulldogs are a No. 1 seed at the moment.

NCAA Basketball: Santa Clara at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are a No. 1 seed at the moment thanks to the early reveal on the NCAA Selection Show preview. They join Baylor, Kansas, and Villanova as the top seeds at the moment.

The interesting thing about this all is that the Zags are the fourth-overall No. 1 seed, meaning they are the most likely to get bounced. Considering the Zags operate out West, they have a good chance to hang on to that seed, barring any bad losses for the Zags.

Most likely, the Zags biggest competition will come out of whichever team emerges from the dog pile of the Pac 12. Right now, Arizona is 11-1 in conference, Oregon is 10-2, and UCLA is 9-3. The committee might have an issue on their hands if Arizona runs through the Pac 12 to emerge on top, because Gonzaga beat Arizona earlier in the year. But then again, Arizona didn’t have Alonzo Trier at the time, so does that mean the loss is slightly discounted? If Oregon runs through the Pac 12, does the committee give a four-loss Oregon team the top seed over a theoretically undefeated Gonzaga squad?

These are questions that will only come answered in March. But as of now, take this to the bank, the Zags are a No. 1 seed.

Here is the overall top four seeds and brackets: