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Gonzaga to wear new alternate jerseys for PK80

The Zags are going to don some nifty new threads along with the rest of the PK80 field.

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The PK80 Invitational wouldn’t truly be a Nike event if there weren’t special uniforms to go along with it. With that in mind, Nike released images of the jerseys and shoes that tournament participants will wear to celebrate Phil Knight’s 80th birthday.

As you can see, Gonzaga’s custom uniform features a unique zig-zag pattern (nice hat-tip to the Zags moniker) that runs down the right side of the uniform, with an oversized Bulldog logo on the left leg (not pictured). The shorts will also feature the word “Zags” at the waist buckle. Nike preserved the silver medallion on the chest that Gonzaga will wear this year on all of its jerseys to commemorate last season’s national runner-up finish. While the color scheme is a departure from Gonzaga’s standard color scheme (assuming that’s not a really dark navy), I’m a big fan of the style decisions made by Nike. Whether these uni’s can break the infamous black jersey curse remains to be seen (conspiracy theory—maybe Nike gave us black jerseys on purpose so we’d lose!).

Nike will pair the jerseys with black shoes that are apparently inspired by Phil Knight’s signature style. I don’t love the shoes, but they certainly fit with the aesthetic Nike is going for here.

Looking at the rest of the uniforms, the gold lettering on the Michigan State jersey looks really good against the dark green background. Without the benefit of seeing how they look on the floor, I’d rank the Spartans and Gonzaga as having the two best special uni’s in the entire tournament field.

What does everything think about the PK80 jerseys? At least one former Zag approves:

What are your thoughts?


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