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NCAA to make selection process an even bigger and more useless spectacle

The college football weekly rankings are coming to college basketball.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Mark Emmert Press Conference Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

File this under something no one ever really said they wanted.

On Feb. 11, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will release their top 16 teams, and continue to do so until the beginning of the tournament.

Where as now, we have the privilege of yelling about Joe Lunardi and other bracketologists, that has been under the guise of lots of predictions and guessing. But at the end of the day, we all do that because bracketology is fun.

This is a bit odd, because with everything beginning on Feb. 11, teams still have MORE than enough basketball to make a run. A team sitting on the top line (hello Duke) can be way out of it in a month, or a team sitting outside of it (hello Arizona) can be right in the thick of things as well.

But the NCAA doesn’t care about any of that. What they care about our graphics, tweets, and ratings, ratings, ratings (oh and if college players receive a free sandwich from a coach).

So get ready, on top of seeing weekly posts about the top 25 rankings, you are going to start seeing posts about the Selection Sunday rankings. Just a quick reminder, neither of them mean anything whatsoever until the NCAA Tournament tips off.