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Gonzaga Undefeated as SMC Looms

The War Memorial Curse is Broken and GU Remains Unbeaten

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at San Francisco
Go! Nigel! Go!
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

And now the real fun begins. Are you ready?

One of the nice things about having a direct rival in the WCC is you’re guaranteed to play them (at least) twice a year. Home and away, punch and counterpunch, first blows and last words. Sold-out gyms. National television. Tent city. Are you ready?

Free Ira Brown is. And in our latest episode, our heroes have something special in store the visit of that most hated of long-standing nemeses, the Loyola Marymount Lions.

How will the Bulldogs neutralize …yeah, ok, no, that’s enough of that. As everyone surely knows, we are forced to open our doors welcome THEM, the detestable, loathsome, downright abhorrent “people” from Moraga. How do we matchup? Will we be able to slow down their Jock? What about the 3-point shooting from Rahon (hate that guy) and the supremely face-punchable Emmett Naar (face punch)? How does Naar’s shot go in when it’s just so horribly ugly?

Those stories, plus we take a look back at Nigel performing feats of wonder all around the Bay Area, peek in at some Bracketology, check in with the GU women, discuss that one guy in Durham, N.C., who surely must be on drugs (you see, because he’s always tripping...because he’s tripping people) and have a look at the betting grid where Chris is wiping the floor with the rest of the crew.

We also, for real, take a look at the Lions and whether they can actually pose a threat, particularly if GU is looking ahead to THAT lot, and go more in-depth on LMU’s leading player, Brandon Brown.

And finally, given the nature of Saturday’s matchup, our Top 3 focuses on our own personal sports rivalries, where we get to go on rants about some of our most hated teams.

All that and more in the latest edition of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Are you ready?