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Who will be the Gonzaga starting five?

There are some questions for next season, so let’s argue about them.

Gonzaga v Seton Hall Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There are a lot of things we can all agree upon for Gonzaga next season. 1) They will be good. 2) They have a huge influx of exciting talent coming in. 3) This 2016-17 Gonzaga squad feels like just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come in the future.

After that, things get a little bit cloudy, not necessarily in a bad way mind you, but cloudy nonetheless. If last season taught us anything, it is not to get overly excited with so many unknowns. Last season, the unknown was the backcourt. This season, the unknown is a bit more complicated.

As it stands, the Zags have 13 players on scholarship, but of course, not all of those 13 players will end up playing next year. The Zags will most likely use a redshirt on someone, or should, because they have an embarrassment of potential riches up front.

After that, you have the question of what happens up front. Przemek Karnowski is coming back, and theoretically by default should be the starting center. But will Przemek be good to go? And even if he is, Zach Collins is really gathering some steam on the hype train and will cut into those minutes.

After that, you have the question of how the backcourt minutes will shake out. Jordan Mathews didn’t transfer to Gonzaga to come off of the bench, and Nigel Williams-Goss is a potential NBA talent. But, Josh Perkins was the starting point guard last year, and by the time the year was closing, Perkins had really started to establish himself as one of the better backcourt players in the WCC.

All of this goes to mean the Zags have some question marks. And since it is the offseason and we have nothing better to do than to uselessly pontificate on things we will never have the answer to until the season starts, lets do exactly that.

So TSSF community, let’s try and predict what the starting five will be, and then when the season starts, let’s either laugh at how wrong we were or congratulate ourselves for being so right.