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2017 Recruiting: Here is what the scouts are saying about Corey Kispert

Words like good shooter and high basketball IQ are popping up often.

We need to find more pictures of Corey Kispert.
We need to find more pictures of Corey Kispert.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We've already spoken with the newest member of the 2017 recruiting class, Corey Kispert, on what he feels like his greatest strengths are and what he needs to work on for the next level. But what does the army of people placing him as one of the top small forwards on the west coast have to say about him?

The first word that popped up in Twitter repeatedly was toughness.

The next words that popped up referred to his ability to shoot the ball.

Josh Gershon, with, had the most in-depth profile of Kispert. He says that he is an athletic and strong winger with "an extremely high floor." Much of that is correct. Kispert is already 6'6 and 215 pounds. He is also a junior and has a chance to put on some extra height and muscle. Even if he doesn't, he is already scheduled to be a solid winger for the Zags, a puzzle piece that many Gonzaga teams of late have tended to lack.

One of the more important traits Gershon noticed is the following:

He sees the court very well and is constantly passing up good looks for better shots for teammates.

Kispert really sounds like a full-fledged team player looking for a team that plays full-fledged team ball. Gonzaga is that team, and Kispert should slot in pretty easily. Most importantly, if he is as unselfish as he sounds, Kispert could very well end up with a Kyle Dranginis-like role on the team, only with a slightly better shooting touch.

As always, there is no real way of knowing how a kid will translate from high school into college, but it sounds like the Zags got someone with their head as squarely on their shoulders as possible. Kispert still has another year of high school ball to work on any fundamentals he feels he needs to improve, and it sounds like the Zags will be getting a player that will be ready to compete for a large chunk of minutes once his collegiate career starts.