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NBA Draft Combine: Recapping Kyle Wiltjer's first day

It was a decent day apparently for the Gonzaga grad and NBA hopeful.

Gonzaga v Syracuse Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The NBA Draft Combine got underway today, and Kyle Wiltjer is the only Gonzaga player we have to report on, since Domantas Sabonis decided to not partake in the festivities.

Festivities is a stretch, however, unless you consider medical examinations and rigorous physicals as fun. Some people do, but for Wiltjer, things didn't necessarily start off the best.

Things didn't start off so hot on the Twittersphere with Wiltjer, where it was revealed that he has the highest body fat percentage out of all people partaking. Queue all the jokes.

But the thing is, that can be worked off. It was quickly forgotten when Wiltjer was able to demonstrate that despite what many (or any of us thought), he has actual hops.

And then after that, it was much of what was to be expected. A lot of people thoroughly impressed with Wiltjer's shooting touch, and no mention of the possible detriment in his defensive abilities.

Here is a video of Wiltjer himself talking about the stereotypes he is busy ignoring.

Finally, perhaps the most important news to come out of the whole day: Wiltjer will work out for the Philadelphia 76ers.

For Wiltjer, a team-specific workout can be very important. Right now, on many draft boards, he is on the outside looking in. He finished his scrimmage with 17 points, six rebounds, and hit 3-of-8 from long range. He needs to continue having solid performances in the combine. This combined with a convincing workout with a team, might be his ticket into the NBA.