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Go vote for A Few Good Men in The Basketball Tournament

Because you know you like Dan Dickau, Josh Heytfelt, Blake Stepp and Ira Brown.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Here is the thing, most of us Gonzaga fans know that the greatest basketball tournament in the world is Hoopsfest. But the rest of the world doesn't know that, hence, this new thing called The Basketball Tournament.

But TBT is still pretty cool. Teams are assembled to compete against each other in a championship game played on live TV. And the first way to make it through the cut is to vote for your boys. So, in a complete and total abuse of platform powers, I'm telling you to go vote for our boys.

A Few Good Men features the legendary Dan Dickau, Blake Stepp, Josh Heytfelt, and Ira Brown. This team is designed to dunk and to rain threes and have zero options otherwise. In other words, this team is designed to play an entertaining brand of basketball for an open tournament.

Twelve teams with the most votes in each region as of June 1 get in automatically. Right now, our Gonzaga grads aren't doing so well, so let's boost that number a little bit, shall we?

The prize for the winning team is a pretty massive $2 million, and those team's fans get to share 10 percent of the winnings. For more information and date about The Basketball Tournament, click here.