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Some of our favorite Domantas Sabonis photos from the past years

He will always be one of the more photogenic Zags.

One of the big perks of SB Nation's interface is they pay for the rights to use photos from Getty Images and USA Today. Every photo from every article comes from this bank of photos, which is updated after almost every game with some stellar shots. Often times, I want to use so many, but there just isn't room.

There is room here, however, for a bunch of photos of Domantas Sabonis. Sabonis wore his heart on his sleeve in every game he played, and therefore was always one of the more entertaining bunch of photos to search from. There have been some fantastic shots here, and hopefully the following selection is able to do his time at Gonzaga a bit of visual justice.

It is a collection of photos of Sabonis as we all knew him: often times yelling, often times confused about fouls, often times smiling, and often times working harder in the post than any other player in the nation.