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Domantas Sabonis signs with an agent and will forego remainder of NCAA eligibility.

Domas signs with Wasserman and is officially off to the NBA.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In a press release sent out today by Wasserman, it was announced that Domantas Sabonis has retained the talent agency for representation. Sabonis will be co-represented by agents Greg Lawrence and Jason Ranne.

This announcement doesn't come as a shock to anyone at this point, as it was assumed that the decision of hiring an agent(s) was more a matter of when, and not if, for Domas. There was some discussion that Sabonis would hold off on officially hiring an agent until the May 25 deadline was closer in case of an injury or other issue that could potentially arise during the pre-draft process.

However, with today's announcement, Sabonis is now fully committed to making the leap from Gonzaga to the NBA as retention of an agent terminates the remainder of his NCAA eligibility. This is pure conjecture, but I would guess that his full commitment to making the jump a month before the deadline means that he's received strong feedback about his draft positioning. The draft pool has yet to be finalized, but I think Sabonis is firmly inside the Top 20 and should be a lottery pick when the NBA draft rolls around.

While this move means Domas is officially leaving Gonzaga, we'll obviously continue to provide updates on his preparations for the NBA draft and beyond (because we love Domas).