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Recapping Episode 4 of Gonzaga's March to Madness

What happens in Vegas, goes on HBO.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off the perhaps season-saving win in Provo last week, the Zags looked like they had a little extra pep in their step when Episode 4 of HBO's real-time docu-series kicked off. Josh Perkins and Kyle Wiltjer were getting after it in their individual workouts, ensuring that Portland, (and in Episode 5) BYU, and SMC would meet their doom.

HBO also gave some time to Zag greats of old who run a dope pick up game at the Old Kennel. Santangelo, Nilson, and Dickau may have foreshadowed what's to come in this year's tournament run--as they shared memories from the program's first Elite 8 run--opining that it may be one of the years like this one where the team's back is against the wall, that Gonzaga plays its best ball and makes another deep run.

And on the topic of great alums, Mark Few showed some love to one of this writer's favorite Chicago hoopers by naming a play after Jeremy Pargo. While the play doesn't end in a nasty tomahawk dunk, I'm sure "Pargo 2" is still a winner.

Mark Few may have to put Wiltj on the recruiting committee, as he showed in the deft construction of his bowling team that he has an eye for talent, and the requisite ability to get people to play for him by snagging Gayle of North Bowl to help lead his team to victory. Gayle was SO PUMPED. It's nice to see the guys having some fun and making themselves available to the locals. I'll share from first-hand experience that Wiltj really is a class act and one of the nicest athletes out there.

While the Zags bided their time before heading out to Vegas, HBO caught up with some students making the sojourn down to Sin City. For those students sakes, I hope their parents weren't watching last night's episode. Not because they were getting weird in Vegas (although let's be real...), but because it's never a good idea to stick half of your body out of a car while it's moving at high speeds on the highway. That's probably going to make me sound like an old curmudgeon (I'm 27!)...but just a pro-tip: it's best to stay inside the car to ensure you can watch your team dominate the WCC tournament.

After finally arriving in Vegas, our favorite basketball team opted for dinner at Benihana, because who can resist a Benihana onion volcano?!?! No one, that's who. My biggest takeaway from this episode is that once the fellas put on the Hibachi hats, and Dustin Triano busted out the man bun flow, it was game over for the rest of the WCC.