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Gonzaga players celebrate on social media

Like the college kids they are, many of the Gonzaga players took to social media to celebrate. Here is what they said.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I've learned about working at a high school for my day job is that there is a clear differentiation on how much social media runs our lives. For me, I spend time on Twitter uselessly jabbering, but when push comes to shove, I'm absent on most social media channels for much of the day.

For the current crop of many collegiate kids, that isn't the case. So like the good college students they are, many of the Gonzaga Bulldogs players headed to social media to celebrate their win over Saint Mary's.

Here is a roundup of what they said.

And last but not least, we present Eric McClellan's post on Instagram. There were questions abound when McClellan joined the team, specifically because of his previous gos with two other colleges. There is no question that the team took a chance on his character. There is also no question that E-Mac stepped up to the challenge and carried himself more impressively than most would've guessed. His post, right here, borderline brings tears to the eyes.

2 1/2 years ago I lost everything. Basketball, my education, etc. I didn't know what my next move was. A lot of people shook on me. I sat down with my mother and had one of the deepest conversations I've ever had. She told me, "when you think things are happening to you, they're actually happening for you." I was a prisoner of my own thoughts for a long time but through all that shit, I kept myself sane. I promised myself that I would correct my wrongs. I lost it a little but through the mist, I found myself. God kept his wings on me and continued to guide me. I was able to find a home in Gonzaga and through everything, it's been the best place I've been in my life. I thank everyone associated with this university for giving me this opportunity to not all share my gifts and talents but to also, inspire, find ways to serve and love for all the abundance I have around me. I took my wildest dreams and I mapped them out. My brothers & I made history tonight. BROTHERS. And as I share this story, I'm shedding tears because everything you put in your mind is real. It can & will happen. Just keep going! Please! This is for the crazy ones! This is for the marathon runners. This is for the one's with unwavering faith and extreme persistence! This is for all those who believed in me. This is for all the love. This is for you. #laps #thankful #WCCCHAMPS

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