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Free Ira Brown: The End, My Friends.

Gonzaga's Season Comes to a Bittersweet End and the Free Ira Brown Boys are Ready to Help Talk You Down.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Don't you hate it when you're singing along with a song and the artist gets the words wrong?

There is no sugar coating this one. This one stung. Like when you run over a bees nest with a lawnmower. Or like when you think of that perfect insult five minutes after you leave the room. Or like when your favorite team loses in the Sweet 16 when everything was right there for the taking.

Actually, it's a lot like that last one.

This was not how this one was supposed to go.

The beat ain't bad but the words are all wrong.

Yes, this one stings. But fear not, dear FIBbers. Despite the pain, despite the agony, despite that sting, the Free Ira Brown crew is here to close out this roller-coaster season. In our latest episode (Season 2, Ep 24), our heroes go over the Sweet 16 loss to Syracuse from front to back, tipoff to final buzzer. What went right (Wiltjer, Sabonis), what went wrong (turnovers, defensive rebounding), what made everyone wring their hands (McClellan, those last six and a half minutes).

The right song, the wrong words.

Those stories, plus we take a look back on the season as a whole. Do we qualify this season as a success? Where does this team rank among our personal favorites? (Spoiler alert: pretty damn high.) Is it any comfort that Syracuse is in the Final 4? (We'll give you one guess...)

All that and more in the latest edition of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us, won't you? Don't leave us alone in a time like this.

Don't you hate it when you're singing along with a song...