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Episode 20: So We Dancing or What?

The WCC Tournament Presents GU's Best Chance to Keep the Streak Alive

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Happy day, FIBbers! It's time for a cheerful edition of Free Ira Brown! In our latest episode (Season 2, Episode 20), buoyed by the elation in our Bulldog hearts, our heroes recap our first happy weekend in recent memory (OK, it was actually only three weeks, but it felt like forever). After a brief moment to enjoy the win over USD, we take our time, properly rejoicing in the glory of ruining Senior Night in Provo. So overjoyed are we, there is barely a mention of the referees (note: this is a lie. Perhaps the most blatant lie ever lied).

Those stories, plus we hear from Ra's Al Ghul, take a trip in the texting time machine and Chris learns how to read a rundown sheet (not really). There's also an examination of Gonzaga's at-large chances in Bubble Talk, a preview of the WCC Tournament, we check in with the Gonzaga women and finish off with a conference tournament-related Top 3.

All this and more in the latest edition of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join in all the exultation, won't you?