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Free Ira Brown Episode 23: Sweet Sixteen Emotion

This Week on FIB: Pirates Keel Hauled, Utes Uprooted and How to Make Orange into Orangeade.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hi there, welcome to the Free Ira Brown Café. Can we offer you something to drink? A bite to eat? Maybe some dessert? After all, we heard you had a bit of a Sweet tooth.

As you search for the Sweetest item on the menu, can we offer you, dear FIBber, a bit of happy listening? Let’s see what we have here…Well, we have the Sweetest Thing, but does that seem a little too on the nose to U2? Ooh, here’s Sweet Emotion, that’s a good one. It’s accompanied by slow-mos of Eric McClellan tearing up with joy as he celebrates (gets us every time). What else do we have…How about Sweet Child of Mine (Sabonis Remix)? That’s the one with the video of Arvydas & a young Domas training their pet Poetl…er, poodle into submission. So cute! Or, if we want to break it down proper mid-90s style, we could start whispering some Sweet Nothings and throw on One Sweet Day (Backcourt Mix). That one comes with video of Gonzaga’s guards evolving from Boyz II Men at the most important time of the season.

Tell you what, you take a look at the menu, at the musical offerings, and in the meantime we’ll just throw this on, the latest offering from the Free Ira Brown crew. In this, our newest episode (Season 2, Ep 23), our heroes sit down to discuss some of the Sweet Memories Gonzaga’s best weekend of the season. Big East champions? That’s terrific, we’re happy for you. Next. Pac-12 Player of the Year? Isn’t that Sweet. Get out of the way. What a pair of performances.

And we got it all covered, from the defensive domination to the offensive efficiency to the sheer capitulation-causing concentration for 80 brilliant minutes. Those stories, plus we take a look at the rest of the weekend’s action, the upsets, the thrilling endings, the heartbreak. And we’ll get you primed for the Sweet 16 matchup against Syracuse. How does Gonzaga handle the Orange’s vaunted 2-3 zone? Where can Cuse cause us trouble? Where can we take advantage of a team most thought shouldn’t even have been in the Tournament? Do we even dare to dream beyond? (Spoiler alert: No)

All this in more in the latest edition of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us, won’t you? We promise, it’ll be Sweet.