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Gonzaga absolutely shuts down Utah 82-59, advances to Sweet 16

We are taking the lead on this dancing!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Bonam against Fresno State, 16 points. Tonight, 12.
Jakob Poeltl against Fresno State, 16 points. Tonight, 5.
Brandon Taylor against Fresno State, 16 points. Tonight, 7.
Jordan Loveridge against Fresno State, 16 points. Tonight, 0.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs took down the Utah Utes 82-59 to advance to the Sweet 16.

Gonzaga was utterly dominate in the win. The Zags shot 55.7 percent from the field, and had four players score in double-figures. Eric McClellan led the Zags with 22 points, Domantis Sabonis added 19, and Kyle Wiltjer 17.

Most importantly, the Gonzaga defense absolutely shutdown Utah. The Utes shot just 42.3 percent from the floor, and couldn't get any sembelnce of offensive fluidity going.

The Zags, on the opposite end, claimed Denver on their own firmly from the very beginning. Wiltjer shrugged off the idea that something is wrong with him by carrying the Zags offense early on. It was Sabonis working it down low, but the most important spark plug came from E-Mac. McClellan was darting through the Utah offense like he used to be a part of the team.

Spurred by all of this offense, the defense was able to lock in with a brutal efficiency. Utah did absolutely nothing in this game, and at no point was this lead realistically under threat. Gonzaga controlled the boards, they controlled the pace, and they controlled Utah.

Now, all of a sudden, this team that wasn't supposed to be in the NCAA Tournament a month ago is advancing to the Sweet 16. And considering that Michigan State is no longer a road block, the path to a deeper run looks better and better. Savor these moments, enjoy the taste, because this is March Madness y'all and it doesn't get better than this.