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2016 NCAA Tournament: First Four open game thread

We got two more games on the docket!

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Two more teams will punch their tickets into the meat of the big dance as the second day of the First Four finishes in this evening.

Last night, Florida Gulf Coast absolutely punished Farleigh Dickinson, 96-65. Wichita State followed up with a 20 point victory over Vanderbilt, a final score that was quite surprising considering the teams were tied 30-30 at halftime.

Tonight in Dayton, we got the final two play in games. Holy Cross and Southern (yes, that Southern) battle it out for a No. 16 seed. That game is directly followed by two teams no one really understands why they are in the tournament in Michigan and Tulsa.

Both games are broadcast on truTV. If you happen to be watching them, let's talk hoops. These First Four games can be exciting every now and then.

Game info

Game 1: Holy Cross vs. Southern, 3:40 pm

Game 2: Michigan vs. Tulsa, 6:10 pm (or later depending on finish of previous game)