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2016 NCAA Tournament: First Four open game thread

There are actually a couple of great games to watch today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament begins in just a bit, and despite it being merely the First Four, there are still a couple of great games to tune into today.

The night of basketball opens up with Florida Gulf Coast and Fairleigh Dickinson playing for the right to get demolished by North Carolina in the First Round. You may remember FGCU as the team known as Dunk City from their Sweet 16 run in the 2013 tournament. You probably don't know Farleigh Dickinson, who haven't been in the Tournament for over 10 years.

The second game is the real gem of the bunch. Wichita State and Vanderbilt will take each other on in one of the more baffling play-in games we've seen. Both teams were on the bubble, and both teams are much better than their seeding suggests--Wichita State especially. The winner of this game will go on to face No. 6 Arizona, but this could be one of the better games of the start of the tournament.

Both games will air on truTV and are also available online via and the March Madness Live mobile app.

Game 1: Florida Gulf Coast vs. Fairleigh Dickinson, 3:40 pm PT

Game 2: Vanderbilt vs. Wichita State, after conclusion of Game 1