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2016 Bracketology: Gonzaga is looking like a No. 11 seed

Most of the major bracketologists are putting the Zags as a No. 11 seed playing in Denver.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The final countdown begins. In approximately 24 hours, the Gonzaga Bulldogs will learn their fate as to where they stand for the NCAA Tournament, and the common consensus is that the Zags will land as a No. 11 seed.

According to Bracket Matrix, the Zags are getting anything from a No. 7 seed (what) to a No. 12 seed. It also doesn't look like the Zags will land in Spokane any more according to the major bracketologists, which isn't much of a surprise. So check those last minute fares for Denver if you are feeling adventurous.

We already touched earlier on how the Zags will be one of those dreaded double-digit seeds that is better than most double-digit seeds. Right now, many of the bracketologists are slotting us against Baylor in the first round, and that, my friends, would be quite an entertaining game.

Baylor is ranked No. 25 in Ken Pomeory with the No. 13 offense and the No. 73 defense. Baylor went 10-8 in conference play, but we share the similarities of losing to Texas A&M.

Right off the bat, this would be a good matchup for Gonzaga. Baylor boasts a pretty terrible three-point defense, ranked No. 295 in the country. They also have pretty much zero height in the team, throwing out a starting frontcourt of 6'8 Taurean Prince and Rico Gathers.

Of course, this is all hypotheticals at this point, so there isn't much point in looking that much more into it. But for now, let's possibly hope this is the draw. The Gonzaga Bulldogs in Denver will have a solid contingent of fans there, and I'm busy working myself into the logic that the Zags could slide into the Sweet 16 this way.

Stop me please.

But we will all find out tomorrow. Remember, Selection Sunday is at 2:30 pm PT, and you can get all of those details here.