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Free Ira Brown: THAT was AWESOME!

GU Wins the WCC Tournament . . . Again. Was There Ever a Doubt? There Was? Free Ira Brown Has No Recollection of That.

No complaining on this one, FIBbers. No whining, no moaning, no kvetching. Just pure, unqualified joy. And maybe a little schadenfreude for good measure.

That's right, it's the newest offering from the Free Ira Brown crew. In our latest episode (Season 2, Episode 21), our heroes eschew the normal pod format. Taped just hours after our heroes' heroes thwarted the evil enemy that is the Ga*ls, Adam, Marty and Chris review the gloriousness that was the (Inter)National Zagpoon's Vegas Vacation.
From Portland in the quarters, through BYU and the refs in the semis (No. Wait. No complaining. Just BYU in the semis...wink wink) and all the way to Wiltjer's video bomb of Few when Few was being interviewed by SportsCenter after the game, we go over the best moments of the West Coast Conference Tournament. How good was Kyle Wiltjer (MOP! MOP!)? How about Sabonis (The Thickening)? Dranginis, particularly against SMC? Perkins maturing and elevating before our eyes?

Those stories, plus we discuss the heart and soul of this team, Eric McClellan, and the performance which may have deserved the Tournament Most Outstanding Player, may well have cracked our Top 3 WCC Tournament Performances, the performance somehow not good enough to put him on the All-WCC Tournament team (that's not a complaint! Just a statement of fact in a slightly peeved tone).

All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Enjoy this one, Bulldog Fans. They don't come much sweeter than this.