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Bracketology: Zags will keep moving up as long as they keep winning

Two wins from the Zag last week have them in a better spot.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to what will most likely be a recurring feature, checking in on how the Zags stand in the bracket outlook.

Welcome to what unfortunately is a different feature from most years, checking in on making sure the Zags are still actually in the bracket.

Luckily, after two wins last week, as of now, the Zags are. Most importantly, the two wins last week helped move the Zags from a slightly precarious spot on the bubble to a slightly less precarious spot on the bubble. Make no mistake about it, if this team loses to anyone not named SMU, Saint Mary's, or BYU in the coming weeks, all bets are off. Even a loss to any of those three teams still spells more trouble than it is worth.

First off, checking in with ESPN's Joe Lunardi, we can see that he has moved Gonzaga up to a No. 8 seed in the Midwest. We would have the pleasure of trying to play Pittsburgh again on a real basketball court this time, before most likely getting mauled at the hands of Iowa. An eight seed is never pleasant, but ending the NCAA Tournament streak is even less so, so I'd take it.

CBS Sports is still pretty solidly down on the Zags resume. They have us listed as a No. 11 seed playing in the first four game, against VCU. We are still considered one of the last four in. NBC Sports also checks the Zags at  No. 11 seed, but they have a bit more wiggle room in this projection, avoiding the First Four. SB Nation has us landing in the Last Four In, meaning we'd also play in the First Four.

Obviously, this is all speculation on everyone's part. But the disparity in where the Zags stand between Joe Lunardi, one of the biggest names in bracket speculation, and everyone else is something interesting to pay attention to. Gonzaga has a big chance on Saturday for a statement win that would go a long way in these bubble scenarios. A win over SMU there might bring everyone more on line with Lunardi.