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Free Ira Brown! 16: Hallelujah for Home Cookin'

Gonzaga Finally Puts 40 Minutes Together and the FIB Boys Can't Get Enough

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It's the rarest of sights. It's Sasquatch, it's Nessie, it's the chupacabra, all wrapped into one glittering, red, white and blue package. A complete, thorough butt-kicking of an inferior opponent. No, really. It's 40 minutes of good, solid basketball, 40 minutes of dominant basketball. In a row. And, naturally, it's followed up by the newest edition of Free Ira Brown. In the latest episode (Season 2, Ep 16), our heroes discuss the dismantling of the Dons (best game Gonzaga's played this season?) and the preceding comfortable(ish) win over Santa Clara.

Those stories, plus we get a chance to play with some, talk about teams on the bubble -- yes, sadly, that includes us -- and what, as a GU fan, we should be rooting for this week. We also take a look at the upcoming games against LMU (bleh) and Pepperdine (a biggie), get a word of wisdom from Jeremy Pargo and learn about Heister's intestinal issues. To wrap things up we take inspiration from the performance of our subs against San Francisco (seriously, 29 one game!) and present our Top 4 bench players in modern Gonzaga history.
All this and the added bonus of a Bol Kong reference in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops podcast. Do join us, won't you?