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Free Ira Brown: This is the Perfect Time to Panic

Zags Lay a Big Fat Egg on Their Home Floor. Free Ira Brown Reacts . . . Poorly.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Well, where do we begin this week? Gonzaga drops another big game, a disturbing trend this season against top opponents . . . and St. Mary's. An anemic offensive performance results in a profoundly disappointing loss and Adam, Chris and Marty are dejected, but thankfully not alone.

Join us as we vent our frustrations at a dismal performance against the hated Gaels. We discuss the game, at length and (warning to our more sensitive listeners) laced with expletives (we tried, we really did). Come for the commiseration, stay for the valiant effort to look on the bright side!

We also look ahead to the upcoming games against USD and BYU (as if that mattered) and engage in some (possibly futile) bubble talk. Stick around to the end of the show when we attempt to lift our spirits with our top three Sports Movie "Chips are Down Moments."

Join us, won't you? Misery does, in fact, love company.