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2016 Bracketology: Gonzaga's bubble has officially burst

It wasn't that strong to begin with, but it is now WCC Tournament or bust.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The loss to SMU on the road was one thing, but after the loss to Saint Mary's at home on Saturday, what we all basically knew was true is now very true--for the Zags to make the NCAA Tournament, they need to win the WCC Tournament.

Gonzaga was on the very edge of most bubble watches, except for Joe Lunardi (who held the Zags in higher esteem than most) and Greg Heister (who is positive 25 wins is all it takes).

CBS Sports has the Zags as a No. 11 seed. But that basically should just say CBS Sports has the winner of the WCC Tournament as the No. 11 seed. With Saint Mary's win over the Zags at home, Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation moved the Gaels to the "In the Hunt" column, although their slim hopes also most likely need a WCC Tournament win. Dobbertean also places the Zags squarely in the autobid section.

Joe Lunardi with ESPN is still "high" on the Zags, placing us in the last four in section at a No. 11 seed. With all due respect to Mr. Lunardi and his years of throwing darts at a spreadsheet, I just really don't see the Zags having an at-large bid. The Zags now own a RPI of 68. With Washington's continued fall from grace, the Zags lone good win is over the Connecticut Huskies. After that, the riverbed of successful tales is completely dry.

This team has one sole focus and that is to win the living hell out of the WCC Tournament in Las Vegas. We do that, and all of the hand wringing this season will come to a happy conclusion.