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Przemek Karnowski injury: Gonzaga center leaving all options on the table

According to Jim Meehan with the Spokesman Review, the recovery is going well.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Przemek Karnowski is still considering Gonzaga, NBA, Europe, pretty much everything, he told Jim Meehan with The Spokesman Review on Wednesday.

The big reveal didn't really reveal that much. Karnowski, who underwent season ending back surgery in Janurary, still faces a huge uphill climb to getting into play condition. Doctor's have told him he faces up to a nine-month recovery, which is well past the deadline for declaring for the NBA Draft.

"I'll probably decide during the summer," he said. "If the jumping goes well, the running goes well, if I don't feel pain anymore, I'm hoping to re-evaluate all of this then and go from there."

There are a couple of key takeaways from the article. Number one, and most importantly, Karnowski recognizes that if he decides to return to Gonzaga for another year of basketball, he also gets to utilize all of the resources the athletic program can provide.

The other big takeaway was a quick rumor to dispel before it even starts. Karnowski said he will not be taking part in Senior Night activities on Saturday because his parents will not be in town.

As Meehan notes, Karnowski has lost quite a bit of weight since the surgery, although he has gained some back recently. But he still is nowhere near basketball shape, let alone moving shape. Karnowski sits away from the bench during games just in case someone comes careening towards him.

NCAA student-athletes need to declare for the NBA draft by April 29. Barring a miracle in his recovery, that is an aggressive timeline for Karnowski to have any sort of indicator as to what teams may think he has to offer. For Karnowski to make a NBA squad next season, he would most likely have to find his way there via a summer league. Otherwise, he doesn't have a large opportunity to demonstrate his abilities for the league.

So, to read too much into a thought process that is only known to a few people, it really seems like the battle for Karnowski's senior year campaign comes against heading to Europe. Obviously, the family is there, and that is a huge pull. But for now, it is good to hear that the big man is doing well and staying in as high of spirits as he possibly can, given the circumstances. Hopefully, the recovery continues to go well and Karnowski is able to set out on whatever path he wants.