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More teasers from the HBO documentary "Gonzaga: The March to Madness"

As we all thought, this looks like it will be a rather interesting look into the Gonzaga Bulldogs squad.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A few more teasers from HBO's "Gonzaga: The March to Madness" have surfaced, this time providing a look at the style of film we might see.

Short trailers involving Mark Few, Eric McClellan, Kyle Wiltjer and Kyle Dranginis looks like we are going to get one of the most in-depth looks at the squad as someone from the outside of it all can get.

For me, that is the most exciting part of the series. For all we read from the national writers, Jim Meehan, etc., they are only in the locker rooms for short periods of time. They get their choice quotes and then they head out the door to write their story, because that is what they are there to do.

To get a real insight into the team, you just have to be there. Often times, we forget that outside of Mark Few, the rest of this team hardly qualifies as adults. Many of the players are still technically teenagers. To get to the meat of the matter, sometimes, you just have to keep the cameras rolling and rolling.

And that looks like what we will have from HBO. I can't get much more excited for this show to start up. Watching basketball is great and all, but this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity on our hands. HBO churns out some stellar documentary films and series, and from the looks of it, there is no reason to think this will be any different.

Also, a last hypothesis. A few commenters have mentioned that perhaps the HBO cameras are one of the reasons why this team has struggled. As a hypothesis, it works I guess. Realistically, however, I haven't thought this was the case. My reasons, obviously, cannot be proven either. But for me, the one thing that has always stood out on each and every Gonzaga team was how tight-knit the squad are. They aren't just teammates, but they are best friends in real life. Year in and year out, you rarely hear of locker room troubles, skirmishes, anything that plague other teams.

So, if you had the cameras on you, in practice and all, why would you care? Nothing bad is really happening there. This team has cameras that allow national audiences to tune into their play at least once per week. They know the nation is watching them then. I don't think the cameras are the question in this one. But again, just my hypothesis.

"Gonzaga: The March to Madness" begins on Tuesday, Feb. 16, on HBO, at 10:00 pm.