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Devils Dusted, Wildcats Wasted

Gonzaga Continues to Roll

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga vs Arizona Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t know about you, but we here at Free Ira Brown feel like there’s a bit of a monkey off our collective backs. A bit of the albatross loosening around our necks, if you will. A bit of CeCe Peniston. Yes, after three years of defeats at the hands of those Tormentors from Tucson, we can, at last, celebrate a Gonzaga basketball win over Arizona.

Quite frankly, it’s about damn time.

And don’t worry, in FIB’s latest offering, our heroes break down the win over the Wildcats from (our red-hot) start to (Nigel’s strong) finish. Karnowski owning not-Tarczewski? Yup. Gonzaga’s defense shutting down Markkanen? Check. Aggressive Perk™? Swoon. We’ve got it all covered.

Those stories, plus we take a quick look at our win over the “Dirt Devils,” make our weekly check into the polls, discuss whether it is justifiable for THEM to be ranked above us, check in with the GU women (this just in: Jill Barta is pretty good), and…is Heister getting a little kinky?

Then it’s preview time, and as we approach Wednesday’s game with those purple folk from across the state, we welcome back avowed Husky fan and (despite that) our good buddy Scott for a fan’s perspective on Washington and what we can expect from Lorenzo Romar and company (all Markelle Fultz, all the time). We also chat precisely Zip about Akron (not even a little bit sorry).

And finally, we end with a Top 3 that’s chock full of surprises. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us in exaltation, won’t you?

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